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Dec 9, 2013 1:30am EST
multiple sites and randomized control towers, including recently in the city of detroit where people are randomizing mess with standard programs, going off on your own, getting benefits, good luck to you, or this kind of program. and so all of the cities, the same results have been found, reducing the health outcomes and it is a side effect of what is ultimately a job stimulus program. and we were seeing mess with stimulus where is our country had a recession on this at the exact same time and underwent an austerity program with a clip the recovery and now they are starting into a triple digit recession. and this ended for us around the time of the sequester when we started flattening things out in terms of the recovery. in the imf issued a paper and a major policy document. as well as a public statement from its chief economist. they were basically 400 pages of sidewalks. and it was a fascinating document if you can get through the rhetoric here. and that assumption is that for every dollar of government spending, how many dollars will we get back. and the imf and others had assumed tha
Dec 2, 2013 12:30am EST
few vital statistics about our speaker. she u.s.-born in new york city. she received her a.b. from princeton. she went to oxford where she was awarded a masters of philosophy. then a jd from harvard law school. on r law school she clerked the united states court of appeals for the d c circuit under justice marshall. she practiced for a while and washington d.c. and then became a law professor at the university of chicago. serve infrom there to president clinton's administration in several roles and then she went back to teaching at harvard and was subsequently named as dean of , first femalehool dean of the law school there. in 2000 nine, president obama nominated her for solicitor general of the united states and she served in that office for a asr and was then nominated an associate justice of the supreme court. 2010ook that position in of filled the vacancy justice john paul stevens who, after his retirement, was our last lecture here at the law school. those are the vital statistics. i want to tell you something personal about her and i brought this along so i could read it. th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2